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Blue Dragon Hyper-Market

Ford's wacky daily musings.

20 March
Im a computer graphics artist currently working for an architectural firm. Though I go plan to eventually get into cinematic animation. In my spare time I create art of all kinds using many diffrent mediums, though I primarally work with physical 3d art (including scale modeling, miniature painting/sculpting, and metalwork) and illustration when Im not on the computer.
My intrests are many, including gaming of all types (specifically wargaming and role-playing games), military history, anime/manga/Japanese media, music, martial arts, movies and moviewatching (a big one), hiking, travel (when I can afford it), art and illustration, reading, costuming and propmaking, the occasional bit of writing, and probably other things that I shouldn't be wasting my time on.
I am currently doing volunteer work and am a demo team member for Dark Age Games www.dark-age.com, and hope to get more involved in the gaming industry as a whole.
When I can think about it a bit more, I'll add some more stuff about me here in the future.